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It's All In The Phrasing (rated E; 75k words; complete)

It's 1924. Dallon Weekes is a part of Chicago's Flaming Youth: rich, trendy, bored young men who thrive on jazz, illegal liquor, and the most sexually liberated women (and men) in American history. But when a young man in a bookstore catches his attention, Dallon's carefree little world gets thrown off its axis, and he's not sure if he'll ever be able to go back to the way things once were. Or if he'll want to. 

Winter (rated E; 37k words; complete)

Dallon Weekes is lost, and doesn't know it. He's a college drop-out getting by on warehouse wages and overly optimistic dreams. He wants to break out of the dreary little town he lives in, find success the way everyone else in the Reagan era has, but in the back of his mind he knows: that lovely bass guitar he's been saving up for won't be enough, especially when he's pushing thirty. After a drunken encounter with Brendon, his naive, cheery new boss, Dallon starts to look at things a little differently. Brendon is not what he seems to be on the surface, and Dallon is the only one who can see that. This will be the long winter that changes Dallon's life. For better, or worse.

Vignettes (rated E; 4k words; complete)

An archive of short Brallon fics.


The Young Volcanoes series (rated E; 280k words overall; WIP)

After a sudden tragedy, Castiel Milton and Dean Winchester reflect back on their youth in the beachside town of Sileas, Oregon, and all the lessons they learned on the path that led them to each other. 

Honeyed Apples (rated E; 30k words; WIP)

Prince Dean loses his way in the woods, just in time for his heat. Luckily, he finds Castiel, a gentle alpha with an unusual smell, an unusual gift, and a knack for taking care of vulnerable omegas. But as much as they end up liking each other, Dean is a prince. He can't go around getting mated to random hermits. Especially not when his father is already pushing every available alpha with a title at him, trying to keep an omega off the throne. Mating with Castiel is a nice fantasy, but Dean knows it would never actually work. 

Until he finds out about the baby.

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I left my laptop at my parents' house today, so hopefully this will post on mobile.

Last summer, I noticed that my face was disgusting with oil and clogged pores, and being in my thirties, I felt like I had to start taking better care of my skin, to help aging and to feel better. The store I work at had just launched a Korean Beauty section, and I decided to do some research on what we carried, how to use them, and try some things. At least I'd have an idea of how to upsell the new products.

Except that now I'm in love. My skin is glowing. Its soft and clean. I dont get hormonal breakouts anymore. I keep thinking, I wish I had known about this stuff as a teenager, and I just want to gush about it to everyone. 

Not every product I use is Korean, but that section was a good jumping off point. Especially because the whole 10 Step skincare routine really laid out for me what to focus on. I didnt (and dont) go the whole 10 steps, but it did introduce me to the double-cleanse, which I think has been the most important part of my routine. It's the only thing I've done daily, consistently, and it works. You know how your hair squeaks when its clean? Your skin does too, and I didnt know that until I started the double cleanse. Maybe that's gross; I did wash my face before this, of course, but I didnt know it could get cleaner than what soap and water could do.

Beyond the double cleanse, I've been amazed by what simply moisturizing can do. I avoided moisturizers (the same way I avoided oil-based cleansers) because for a long time, I thought I had oily skin. In the process of figuring skincare out, though, someone pointed out to me that sometimes dry skin creates more oil to compensate. So I tried it. And it worked. I'm pretty sure I have normal/combination skin now (though sensitive!), but the dryness and heat of the area I live in, and the fact that I wasn't drinking enough water, created a messy cycle of too dry and too oily. Now I'm just... clean. 

I still dont drink enough water, but I drink more than I was before, and I think that helps too.

I have products that I use 2-3 times a week too. Toner, serum, masks. I have a pore cleaning kit that I use maybe once a month. It all helps. I just started using an eye cream, and a night cream designed to fight the redness that's been plaguing me since I was a kid. My original moisturizer is about out, and I've decided it aggravated my redness and was too heavy, so I bought something new to try. I've returned to using Lush products on the rest of my body too. TMI, but I'm at the point in my menstrual cycle where I usually look the worst - oily, broken out, mottled skin, oily hair, bloating - but I looked in the mirror tonight after my routine and thought I looked great. Even skin tone, tight pores, not too much shine, just healthy. Definitely not my age, lol. 

My routine: 

Every Morning:
Burts Bees cleansing oil
Elisha Coy snail cream foaming cleanser.
(old) Peach Slices citrus honey aqua glow hydrating moisture-gel
(new) Elisha Coy skin refining snail skin lotion 
OleHenriksen banana bright eye cream

2-3 times a week:
Frudia green grape pore control toner
Ariul berry blast brightening serum
Lush Dark Angel face and body cleanser
A myriad of different masks (favorite is Creme Shop Lemon & Charcoal, but I'm flexible based on what I think my skin needs most. Just bought Juice Cleanse spearmint and green apple for toning since my pores have been gross as the weather changes)

Every night:
Burts Bees cleansing oil
Elisha Coy snail cream foaming cleanser
Eucerin redness relief night cream

Other beauty faves: 
Lush lip scrub (currently using bubblegum, but since it's literally sugar, any of them are good)
Lush Salted Coconut hand scrub
Lush Fairly-Traded Honey shampoo
Lush Veganese conditioner
Lush body conditioner (these are AMAZING, I've used Christingle, Buck's Fizz, and American Pie and love them all)
Lush shower gel/cream (again, hard to go wrong, I have a little collection of small bottles and I just choose what I most want to smell like today)
Lush fresh face masks (brazened honey and oatifix were great for redness and exfoliating!)
Pig-nose blackhead clear 3-step kit (time consuming, but worth it)

Also, since I've been learning and experimenting with make-up, I've found having a healthy, moisturized, clean canvas helps a lot. Though it is kind of funny: I get my natural skin so dewy, just to cover it with matte product after matte product. 

Maybe I'll talk my make up routine some other time.
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If you're spending all your fandom time hunting down people you don't agree with, bashing them, posting screenshots of the things they say that you don't like, and immediately labeling as an enemy anyone who thinks your methods are over the top, or who isn't as extreme as you... then you are no better than the pieces of shit you claim to be against.

I unfollowed a lot of people on Twitter this week after watching them attack a dear friend and since this mostly went down on Tumblr, I'm basically cutting my losses there.

I know who my friend is and what she believes, and these people accusing her of shit are deliberately bad faith reading what she said and putting words in her mouth. Because she's smart enough to know that they are bullies themselves and see themselves as fandom police. It's not right.

I know my friend is doing fine, has more important things to worry about, but it makes me so mad. I've watched the way these people built themselves up. It's the purity police, finally made their way into Supernatural fandom, and I've watched them tear people down one by one and constantly behave as though they are the righteous ones. It's bad enough seeing it happen to strangers, but to see them do it to a friend? I can't.

The theme of the Supernatural fandom is, meet the new boss, same as the old boss. These people are just as bad as the bronlies they used to prop themselves up.

The only way to win this game is to say, I don't have a boss and will do what I fucking want. So I can't wait to see my friend in person in a few weeks, and I'm going to enjoy the show and fandom the way I always have. Those people can sit and spin.
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I just got back from my weekend in L.A., seeing Panic! twice with some friends, and I'm super in my feelings about it. I don't even know where to start talking about it, at least partially because I know that once I start, I won't be able to stop. I love Panic! and I love Brendon and I'm so happy with who I choose to stan because they are the best people. I've been a fan for over 10 years, and that won't be changing anytime soon.
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I bought a skirt to wear to one of the concerts I'm going to later this week, and I've tried it on with a couple different outfit options and it still looks awful. I'm pretty disappointed. I'm 5'2'' and a size 18 and I have no trouble finding dresses/skirts that fit my waist and hips, but they're always too long, or set the waist too high. Hot Topic & Torrid just don't design for girls my height, and it's frustrating.

I've tried to find other places that sell plus-size petites, but most of what comes up is subscription services, which I'm not interested in. I don't wear dresses/skirts often enough to be getting a box of them every month. The rest of the options are... well. Not my style, to put it politely.

I did also buy a cute and comfy pair of leggings to go with the skirt, and I might just wear those and a long t-shirt. Hell, I have a Panic! tee that I can't wear most of the time because it has a swear on it, so maybe I'll wear that.

Still. I would like to be cute and feminine sometimes and honestly I think even if I dropped down to like, a size 10 like I was in high school, I'd still have trouble looking cute in dresses because I am small and short-legged. Ugh.
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I miss the fandom days of olde, where people could ship what they wanted and no one batted an eye.

Incest squicks me out, but I totally get why people ship Wincest. Between ATG and J2's natural chemistry, that was always going to exist. And the existence of it doesn't bother me.

What does bother me is gatekeeping. Ship and let ship. Your Kink Is Not My Kink And That's Okay. Leave other people alone and mind your own damn business. Fandom has always been a place for people to safely explore aspects of their sexuality, and it was supposed to be fairly judgement free. At least, it was when I was younger. I don't recognize it anymore.

I love that Supernatural fandom is one of the last safe spaces for kinky kinks. But I see the puritans gathering armor and they wear masks like they're on my side, but I don't want them on my side. I don't care if people ship Wincest. I don't care if they ship Weecest. It's not hurting anybody. Leave them alone.

There are certain people on Twitter who have decided that they get to be fandom police, and I disagree with that notion completely. Bring back the chaos days where it was fun to admit to your fantasies and have people encourage them. I didn't vote for a fandom sheriff, and those people don't represent me. I don't particularly like the cruelty of certain other people either, but that doesn't mean I'm going to go screencap their shit and harass them over it. And I'm certainly not going to be a party to harassing innocent people who ship something I don't like either.

I don't like new fandom. But I'm glad that, at least, most of the people my age, the people I hang out with, see things the way I do. At least I can ignore the fandom police if I so choose.

Anyway. I'm working on a post discussing my currently unwritten fics. It's taking longer than I thought it would, lol.
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I just finished seven days of cosmetic resets. Ten hours a day, at seven different stores. I hurt from my feet to my neck, but I spent all that time in the company of women who were mostly my own age, and had similar interests. As difficult as the work was, it was almost like a vacation. Minimal annoying customers, the ability to actually finish projects that I start, catered lunches and store-supplied drinks, and conversation with new people. Sure, we complained about the company and compared individual stores, but we also exchanged beauty tips and recs (we are Beauty Leaders, after all), and talked about family and dreams and music and movies and TV.

We had a conversation about what we would do if we won the lottery, and everyone had the same plan: buy ourselves a regular house, buy our parents a house, pay off any student loans, and put the rest away to gather interest. Millenials have very simple desires. Housing and security. That's it.

I'm very tired, but I feel good, and I'm not ready to go back to regular shifts at my home store. That said, as I've mentioned in previous posts, my birthday is less than two weeks away, and I leave for L.A. to see Panic! at the Disco two weeks from tomorrow morning. Things aren't so bad.

I might even write tonight. I've been thinking of my Young Volcanoes boys, and a fic that has yet to see the light of day. We'll see.
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There is something going down on Tumblr that happened last year around this time, and whenever it starts making the rounds, I just... ugh.

More people need to read their fandom history so they know what to look out for. No one learns if they don't know what's happened before.

Fandom wank should be required reading for all new entries to fandom.

Start with the MsScribe story.
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I can't talk to people who don't watch Michael Schur shows.

My boss was complaining last week that we didn't have enough Valentine's product to cover the whole seasonal area, so I joked about making a Galentine's or Treat Yo Self section to fill space. He's latched onto the Galentine's idea, but from my conversations with him and with a coworker, he has no idea what it actually is. He told my coworker to build a Galentine's section last night, and since she also didn't know what that meant, he told her "Just bring down all of our facial care backstock."



I grabbed some snacks and cute gifts and beauty things that girls can do together like animal-print face masks and manicure tools. And some wine. And that'll have to do. For my joke that my boss didn't understand and took entirely too seriously. Because he's never watched Parks and Rec.

This is just one incident, btw, you should see people's faces when I reference The Good Place.
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I've been compiling this list on Tumblr since 2013. I prefer AUs with happy endings so that's what this list primarily consists of. I'd like to get it better organized (tropes? rating? word count? year published?) but I've also been trying to find somewhere to move it to for about two years now. So it's also incomplete, and I think sorting or organizing will have to wait until I have it settled, and a bit closer to complete. As of January 19th 2019, this list is up to date.

Here's the list:

A-D )

E-H )

I-M )

N-R )

S-V )

W-Z )

0-9 )
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I talked to my boss about wanting to move up in the company. I think the only reason it's taken this long to get around to that is I didn't want this to be my career, but unfortunately, at 31 years and 11 months old, with 10 years at this company and 4 extra in this field under my belt, I think I'm pretty locked in. And it's time. I have more experience than the last two managers I've worked under, and a deep desire to own my own home within the next 4-5 years, and help take care of my parents as they age. The career plan we discussed would take less than 2 years to get me to a place where I could easily afford a decent, inexpensive home, and start putting money back for my parents.

I am anxious about the challenges of this position. I wanted some smaller steps first, but I heard through the grapevine that those smaller steps might not be available by third quarter, and my boss said he's heard the same rumors and suggested that I bypass that route completely and jump straight to management training. I am anxious about an article I read a couple weeks ago about the inevitable death of brick-and-mortar retail, but my company is pharmacy-based and my training will require pharmacy tech training. There will always be a need for that, and I think if this company does back away from actual retail stores, the way it's growing will leave room for those who wish to move up. My CEO, as much of a greedy garbage pail as he is, started at store level. So did the CEO before him. And their VP of retail. And almost every higher-up I've ever worked with.

I'm worried about training under this manager. He's only been with the company 3 years and I've been very frustrated by his management style and priorities. But he's already been treating me as an assistant manager, even before I told him I was interested in moving up, and if worse comes to worst, I'm friendly with my boss's boss, who likes me very much and would happily place me somewhere that he thought would get me better training.

My boss's boss is also rumored to be moving to Las Vegas to try and clean that area up. I've wanted to move to Las Vegas for over a decade. Having that connection would be very helpful. Though, my parents will not be moving to Vegas, and it's important to me to be nearby and available to them as they get older. So I also have my eye on Texas and Florida, since they've mentioned wanting to retire to either place. A (very well-off) cousin lives in Texas, so I would be more comfortable chasing Las Vegas if they went there. I think the southwest has a greater chance for growth too -- almost every store in my district, and our neighboring district, beat budget for 2018. Arizona and Nevada are growing. I still think there's another housing bubble burst lurking on the horizon, and that might hurt that growth, but what else do I have? Maybe by the time retail finally dies, there will be other options I'll be suited for. Or, if that article was right, I might be ready to retire by then anyway.

There are pros and cons to this decision, but honestly, it's just time. I'm close to max earnings at my current position, and I can't live the rest of my life at that. Manager salary isn't what it should be, but for a single person, no dependents, it's more than enough.
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Theres this article making the rounds, "How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation." I read it and didnt really relate to it at first: I'm a tried and true Millennial-'87 baby, class of '05- but I didnt go to college right after high school, and when I did go, it was to a community college where I paid out of pocket. I already had a fulltime job with benefits when my friends were graduating into a recession with tens of thousands of dollars of debt breathing down their necks. I'm not married, and I dont have kids. All I have is my job, and my fandom, so how could I possibly be burnt out?

Except I recognized myself in some of the things the author talked about anyway. I dont like to run errands either. I'm obsessed with efficiency and being efficient. If I have to go to the store, or to the DMV, or even to the movies, then it needs to either be as early or as late as possible, or I need to already be en route somewhere else, so I can do as much as possible in as little time as possible. I literally go to the movies after a closing shift at work, because I'd rather give up sleeping time to do something fun, than give up day time. 

I hoard day time. I dont know why, because if I have it, I dont really use it. I haven't been writing. I just... read articles, I guess. I read a lot of articles. I don't even really read as much fanfiction as I'd like to, because there just seems to always be some article to read instead. Or Twitter. I do spend a lot of time on Twitter. 

I've talked about my anxiety before, I don't really make a secret of it. I function at a low simmer most days, though every once in a while it jumps up to a boil. Reading that article made me wonder, how much of this situation is anxiety, how much is burnout, and how much are these things the same? 

The article asks what we can do about burnout, and I don't really know the answer. I know that I like quiet, these days. I have more silent car rides than I used to. I like to sit in a quiet house. I used to like to fall asleep with the TV on, but now I fall asleep faster with it off. When I was in Vancouver, I liked to sit on a little chaise next to the window and listen to the quiet of the bay and the ocean nearby. I like the ocean too. It makes me feel small and insignificant and reminds me that if those things are true, then whatever is stressing me out is also small and insignificant. 

I agree with the article that vacations aren't enough to cure burnout or anxiety. But I get to see the ocean next month, and that plus a margarita might lift some of the weight off my shoulders. 
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 I'm planning a trip to Los Angeles for my birthday in February, and then another one to Las Vegas in March for SPN Vegascon.

It's really highlighting why I so often choose to vacation in Vegas. Even as expensive as Vegas has gotten in the last few years, it's still above and beyond the best deal when it comes to getting away for a while. Flying in is cheaper. Getting around is easier and therefore cheaper. Hotels are cheaper. 

I'm only going to be in LA for two nights (two concerts!) and I'm looking at $400-$600 in expenses, minus tickets (which I've already paid for), food and gas, depending on if and/or when I rent a car. Also doesn't include the cost of anything I choose to do during the one full day I'm there. I could do two nights in Vegas for less than $200. Including food and gas. 

To be fair, though, the biggest expense is that that area is so huge. One concert is in Anaheim, and round-trip to Anaheim from my hotel with ride-share could cost more than my plane ticket, with surge pricing (and since it's for a concert, in Anaheim, I have to assume there will be surge pricing). Which is why I'm looking at the costs of renting a car, even though there's nothing I hate more than driving in LA. 

Honestly I hate LA and would have chosen to go anywhere else in a heartbeat if I had the opportunity, but the only similar situation was shows in Oakland and Sacramento, and I probably would have had the same travel cost issues there. Plus, the second show in Inglewood still had a VIP ticket available for a decent price, which neither Oakland or Sacramento did. 

Regret, thy name is Los Angeles. This is such a pain in the ass that I've considered selling the tickets a few times, but I also really really love this band and they're not coming to my hometown (or Vegas), and since this is the second leg of the tour I have to assume they won't be back for a while. So. LA it is. First world problems, I guess.

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 I've been right on the edge of writing for the last several days, but my anxiety is such a nightmare this time of year. I can't focus on anything.

I got to take care of cleaning and condensing Christmas at work today, and that was pretty relaxing. I like doing things like that, cleaning shelves and organizing product. Very meditative. Just difficult enough to keep me focused, but easy enough that I can lose myself in it. Then I got home and something popped up on my Instagram feed and it triggered my anxiety all over again. I'm not going to have a panic attack or anything, but I'm definitely not going to be focused enough to write either.

I have this idea in my head that I want to update by New Year's Day, but I don't see it happening at this rate. Not if I can't get this back under control. 

I've been thinking about fics besides Young Volcanoes, but I'm so deeply involved in Young Volcanoes, and so close (but so far) from an update that I don't feel like I can work on anything else. This is also my anxiety speaking though.

At the beginning of November, some stuff happened at work that pushed me pretty close to a breaking point, and one of coworkers actually asked if I was on medication (not in a mean way; in a way where he was genuinely concerned about my behavior and I was shocked that anyone paid enough attention to me to notice that something was wrong in the first place). When I said no, he suggested I talk to my doctor about it. I have trouble making myself go to the doctor even for physical problems, but I'm starting to think he may be right. I've been at a constant low simmer (at BEST) since late 2015 and haven't been able to truly course-correct and I think it's affecting my life beyond just my writing. 

I get to do cosmetic resets in a couple weeks. I hate the early mornings, but it's a straight two weeks of nothing but resets, almost exactly like what I did today. Then, a few weeks after that, I'm going to LA to see my favorite band, for my birthday. Then, a few weeks after that, it's time for Vegascon. 

I can get through.
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 Transferring some info about Young Volcanoes from Tumblr

March 7, 2015
Details about the characters, asked for by an anon )
March 5, 2015

Dean's artistic style )



His women tend to take after Darwyn Cooke, though:




In body shape, at least - I’d say that in part 3, Dean is still struggling with sameface, but by part 4 he’s challenging himself a little more and doing more painting than sketching, which helps him break out of that. 

The scene that I previewed recently discusses this a little bit more, but in part 4, Sonny has given Dean an art humanities text book and Dean is a bit more familiar with some of the famous painters, and the influence of his favorites starts to take over. 

Mucha, Klimt, and Kahlo are the clearest influences. Dean is a romantic - he likes to paint beautiful things, he likes to include symbolic imagery, he likes bright colors. Mucha has the biggest effect on Dean’s style:


But Dean likes the romance and brilliance of Klimt too:


If he’s painting Cas or Charlie or Jo or just someone on the list of people he loves, they’ll look like this. Soft and colorful and beautiful. Dean also takes to painting flowers as a form of therapy - if he just needs to paint something to drag himself out of his head, he goes for flowers, and he adds them to a lot of his paintings for other various reasons. He’s getting pretty familiar with flower symbolism now, haha.

All that said… I think I’ll quote an email I sent to thunderjellyfish when she was working on the commissions: “Dean tries to paint the world as he sees it, and to put it frankly, he sees his friends and loved ones as bright, beautiful things, and himself as a stain.” Kahlo’s influence comes out in Dean’s self-portraits. He loves her ability to paint her pain, how she can make emotions visible. Fair warning: Dean’s favorite Kahlo paintings are kind of violent, so scroll fast if you don’t want to see them. 




And I’ll put the last one in a link because it’s pretty brutal: A Few Small Nips. It’s Dean’s absolute favorite because it’s so vicious. He tries to paint himself in the same way, trying to visualize everything that’s going on inside his head and put it onto canvas so others can see it too. 

Dean also still likes murals, because some of his ideas are just too big for canvas. Again, he’s painting the world the way he sees it, and it takes a lot of space to paint the world. You’ll see a bit more of that soon :)

He gets a little surreal in trying to portray his loved ones (Jo gets a lot of neon colors; Charlie gets a lot of stars and space; Cas gets a lot of angels), and unless he’s practicing, he doesn’t really shoot for realism. The idea is more important than the accuracy. 

I can’t really think of one specific artist who covers all this (thunderjellyfish did a wonderful job, so I hope you guys get to see that one soon!), but I hope this helps to visualize Dean’s style, somehow. Sale + Mucha is probably the simplest way to think about it, but with brighter colors and a lot of Kahlo’s themes. 

As Dean grows as an artist, the things he paints and the classics he favors will start to play a role in the story, so you’ll be hearing a lot more about his artwork. So I’m kind of glad this was asked so I have an excuse to talk about it publicly hahaha. .
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 Moving some stuff about my Brallon fic It's All In The Phrasing from my tumblr archives.

February 28, 2014

A comparison between then-unpublished Young Volcanoes and It's All In The Phrasing )February 3rd, 2012

What happened after the ending )
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 A few years ago, I tried to start using dreamwidth in the way I had used livejournal. I was in a pretty bad headspace and just needed somewhere to talk about things where I didn't expect conversation. Tumblr is lonely. It's easy to go unseen even when you desperately need to be seen, though unfortunately, the opposite is also true. At least on DW I could just talk without any expectations or anxiety.

I forgot I'd done that. I only found the old DW because I was searching for communities, and a particularly rare interest made it pop up. When I registered for this account, I tried to get it under a certain name and was surprised that it was already taken. Apparently, it was taken by past!me. 

I haven't been using Tumblr regularly for the last year or so. I've mostly used Twitter, but that's limiting in its own ways (primarily that my mother follows my account and I'm not going to ask her not to, nor am I going to create a new one when I've collected all the people I like and care about on the one I currently have). I occasionally go on facebook, but... the politest way to say this is that it's hard to cultivate a fan community there. It's pretty obvious that most of the fandom users are also Wattpad users, might also be a semi-polite way to get it across. I don't mind engaging casuals or newbies, but I also want to have real, full conversations with people my own age, and that's difficult on Facebook. Can be difficult on Twitter, since it's hard to summarize a specific point, and all the arguments for it, in a single tweet. 

So, now I'm here. Journaling is where my fandom experience truly started, when I was 14 years old (though I had engaged message boards, yahoo groups, and specific sites before, I really cut my teeth on LJ). I'd like for things to come back this way; I think it was ideal, having now tried other types of fandoming since LJ's demise. But, who knows. Twitter is easier to access and joke on and get feedback from. 

I'd like to, at least at first, use this as a space to discuss my writing. I've fallen very behind on it, though I think about my stories daily. Having a space where I can talk openly about what I'm doing, what I've done, what I'm going to do, might help get me back on track and keep me there. Talk about things that people may not necessarily care about, but where I have no expectations of them caring. There's no desire to earn likes and acknowledgement. Comment culture was dying even before LJ fandom collapsed so even if people do start following me, I have no expectation of responses. 

Maybe it'll be nice. We'll see.
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Young Volcanoes: a series

After a sudden tragedy, Castiel Milton and Dean Winchester reflect back on their youth in the beachside town of Sileas, Oregon, and all the lessons they learned on the path that led them to each other. 

Fanart of a young Dean Winchester embracing a young human Castiel
You and I (Collide) (rated T; art by prinzik on tumblr)

Summer, 2005: The children of the well-to-do Milton family traditionally spend their summers at a resort just outside of Sileas, Oregon, rubbing elbows with the children of senators and CEOs, attempting to uphold their family's veneer. But fifteen year-old Castiel decides he prefers the company of Dean Winchester and his friends, an odd little team of local kids who like sci-fi movies, comic books, and beach bonfires.

Fanart of a young Dean Winchester and human Castiel dressed in pajamas
In Over My Head (rated E; art by adorabucky on tumblr)

Summer 2006: Dean Winchester has all but given up. Yes, he's finally dating the girl of his dreams, but nothing else seems to go right. His grades are slipping, his job keeps him away from his friends, and the deal he's got going with Alastair is only getting harder to fulfill. At least Dean's best friend from last summer, Castiel Milton, is back in town... but so are all the confusing feelings that come with him.

Fanart of young Lisa Braeden, Dean Winchester, human Castiel, and human Meg Masters. Lisa and Meg are infatuated with Dean and Cas, who seem to have other interestsLove You Much Better (rated E; art by linneart on tumblr)

Summer 2007: Last summer was a disaster, but Dean feels like he's really pulled himself from the wreckage. He's finally taking painting classes, working to better himself in therapy, and is closer than ever with his friends... most of them, anyway. He doesn't blame Cas for shutting him out, not after what happened, but Dean wants nothing more than to apologize and make things right. When Cas finally shows up in town, it's with a strange, sarcastic girlfriend on his arm, and a few new personality quirks. Dean's not happy with the arrangement, but if he wants forgiveness, he's going to have to play nice... especially since he's starting to realize his feelings for Cas may not be so platonic after all.

Fanart of young Dean Winchester and a young human Castiel dancing in formal clothes as the sun setsC'mon (I'd Like To Believe) (rated E; art by purgatory-jar on tumblr)

Summer 2008: Castiel Milton is very, very confused. The dream he never dared to entertain has somehow come true: his best friend, Dean Winchester, admitted to having feelings for him last summer, and is interested in pursuing a more romantically-inclined relationship. Problem is, Dean has hurt Castiel in the past, and as much as Castiel likes to think he has forgiven, he hasn't forgotten. It's hard enough to expose and move past old scars without Dean being so distractingly affectionate, and becomes even harder when those scars are prodded by the discovery of what Dean got up to while Castiel was away at school. To top it all off, Castiel's mother has finally retired, and is looking to spend more time with her youngest children than she has in years... the last summer before college was supposed to be a lot easier than this.

Fanart of a young human Castiel embracing young Dean Winchester as he draws. The room is covered in comic and movie posters and paintings.These Are The Nights (rated E; in progress; art by linneart on tumblr)

In the winter of 2008, Castiel visits his boyfriend, Dean, for Christmas. Despite all the big issues he and Dean have dealt with in the past, they've never had the chance to sort through the little things. Castiel is sure that their plans, from embarking on a road trip together, to spending time with the Winchesters, can only be good for their relationship. There's just one problem that needs to finally be confronted: sex, and Castiel's difficulty with it.

In the summer of 2009, Dean and Sam visit their estranged father and his new family, who reluctantly allow Castiel to visit through Independence Day. All Dean wants is for his family and his boyfriend to get along, but between John's struggle to accept his son's sexuality, and his wife Kate's strange attitude toward Castiel, he's not sure he'll be able to make it work.


Count on Me (rated G; Charlie Bradbury POV; 2285 words)
I'm Begging of You (rated G; Lisa Braeden POV; 2393 words)


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